TEMPORARY displays

Small outlay, big effect:
Temporary displays

  • Lightweight, yet strong
  • Economical from one to thousands
  • Environment friendly (recycled and recyclable)
  • Ideal for short-term promotions (up to 1-2 months)

Temporary displays are made of corrugated paperboard or cardboard. Depending on the size and load we can choose from a series of material qualities to best suit your needs. The board is usually covered with premium printed paper, so that it communicates your message and stands out.

Corrugated boards and cardboards contain around 90% recycled material and can be recycled after disposal as well. That means an environment friendly solution and smaller carbon footprint for your company.


Paper displays can be produced economically from one piece up to thousands. For small quantities we can use a fully digital process for printing and plotter-cutting, in large we use offset printing and die-cut machines for high productivity.

Tray style display

You can add more value to your display with high-gloss, or matte finishes by UV varnishing or plastic laminating, LEDs, LCD displays, sound devices and many more. Just ask our advice!


By temporary displays we keep lead times as low as 10 workdays delivered, or even lower when needed. So if your promotion kick-off date is too close, but you have nothing for POS don't worry, we can get you covered.

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PERMANENT displays

Basically economical:
Permanent displays

  • Rigid and durable for a long-term shop presence
  • Can support large volumes of heavy products
  • Design freedom in shapes
  • Material options: metal, plastic, or combination of these, along with paperboard elements
Metal display
Plastic display

Permanent displays usually made of metal or plastic, or combination of the materials. Many times removeable carboard artwork surfaces are used on metal displays, so that communication can be actualized for running promotions.

You can realize any shape your creatives dreamed of by plastic thermoforming. This means exceptional freedom is design.


Metal (with or without cardboard parts) displays can produced in low quantities, however thermoformed plastic displays need costly tooling, so we recommend this technology for larger volumes only.

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POS material
POS materials

Make an impression:
POS materials

  • Flyers, leaflets, brochures, sales-folders
  • Wobblers, banners, shelf-stoppers, attraps
  • Shelf trays and dispensers
  • Deco-cubes, flyer dispensers
  • and many more

Show that you're there! Whether you use wobblers, shelf-stoppers or shelf trays, you'll be visible.

Or cross-merchandise with shelf-dispensers and hanging shelves and show yourself where the connected products are placed, not where your competitors!

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Real customer magnets: Promotional packaging

Choose your eye-candy:

  • Relief varnishes
  • UV-effect varnishes
  • Printing on metalized or plastic surfaces
  • Cold-foil application
  • Structure-foils
  • Embossed or soft-touch surfaces
  • and many more


The eyes buy with. Increase customer awareness and make your product an eye-candy. Take advantage of premium packages for your premium product. Thanks to refined surfaces and unique effects of unit packaging designs your product gets in the focus of attention instantly.

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