Efficiency is our added value – in four steps to your POS solution

Design – put your product in spotlight!

Our experienced and creative minds develop new POS solutions passionately! We develop the most appropriate device for your product together with you.

Production – for the benefit of all!

We use several technologies at high quality standards to manufacture your displays cost-efficiently with the shortest possible lead times.

Special printing solutions – what your heart desires  that pleases your eyes!

We would like to offer into your attention our high-end printing technologies which can add value to your product packaging or POS presence.

Shipping – flexibility is our strength!

As all our services, our shipping methods are as flexible as you wish. We provide different logistic options one of which surely fits is in your merchandising strategy.

DEVELOPMENT and design

As in any business, thorough and provident planning is the key for success. This is how we do it.


The first important step is to assess customer needs as precisely as possible and to determine the objectives. We use our many years of experience to find the custom made solution.

The work relationship established with our clients is characterised by close co-operation. We pay special attention to becoming acquainted with the client, the product, the marketing strategy and the merchandising.

We keep in mind the criteria specified by the client at all times when offering options from our existing product range or suggesting the development of a completely new, unique product.

It is also important to consider the restrictions distributors place for display dimensions, often limiting base area and maximum height or setting minimum height of product placement.


When designing a product we always take its specifications and logistical requirements into account. Keeping in mind quality and usability all the time, we offer cost efficient solutions, both in terms of material use and structural design, to our clients.

Where the objective is to develop a new product, first we present our ideas in 3D images. On the basis of these images the client can choose, in a cost and time efficient way, the direction in which he would like to proceed.

Since displays and POS materials are often assembled by our client's representatives, we seek to ensure the straightforward assembly of the displays. We also attach instructions if requested.

Special promotion display

We can quickly and efficiently produce a 1:1 size prototype that is completely equivalent to those coming from a production line. The quality of our product development team's work is supported by the latest CAD and plotter technology.

In the modelling phase we use the same materials as we specified during the development for each component. The models prepared in this way therefore are suitable, in addition to the physical presentation of the product, to enable load-bearing capacity and transport tests to be completed.

In the event of any need for amendments as a result of the tests we present a new model within a short deadline.

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PRODUCTION technologies

Different materilas and designs require different manufacturing technologies. Here we introduce our basic workflows.

Offset printig machine

After completing design and prototyping you provide us your artwork applied to the die-cut drawings of the display. We print it with the most appropriate technology depending on size and quantity: this can be either digital, screen or offset printing, or in rare cases flexographic printing.

The printed sheets can be laminated with thin plastic foil (glossy or matte) at this stage to improve esthetics and resistance, then they are mounted on the base material (corrugated or cardboard) with wet glue.

The next step is cutting each part of the display either with die-cut machines or digital plotter cutting, which again depends on size and quantity.

The last step is gluing the appropriate parts and package them the way you requested.


Metal display structures are manufactured by cutting, bending and welding metal plates and tubes to achive the proper desing. Finally the frame is powder coated to the desired color.

We also use CNC milling for manufacturing special shapes out of metal or plastic blocks.

For applying your communication we can wrap it with printed self-adhesive film, or mount thermoformed plastic parts, printed cardboard or plastic sheets onto the frame.


Plastic displays or parts are made by thermoforming, where a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature, formed to a specific shape in a mold, and trimmed to create a usable product.

Thermoformed plastic shapes can be assembled using plastic welding similar to metal processing.

Plastic shapes can be wrapped with printed self-adhesive film for adding brand image and combined with metal frames to increase load capacity.

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PRINT solutions

By the first impression there is no second chance. We take care to keep up your awareness.

Let us show you how to increase the value of printed products

using cold-foil, different UV effect varnishes, relief-or scented varnish, printing on metallic or plastic surfaces, soft-touch and structured foil and embossing. 

The product range covers the product range of sheet fed offset printing, promotional and marketing publications, magazines and books, special food and beauty care packaging, prints on plastic substrates, labels, 3D postcards and high-end products made with special coating and surface finishing processes.

Shiny/matte spot UV varnishing

With different UV varnish technologies it is possible to achieve high-gloss and matte surfaces on one page down to the finest graphic elements. 

We prepare the print with UV varnish,i.e. we apply a glossy UV varnish on the whole surface. In the second phase we apply spot UV matte coating with the help of a varnishingplate, so that the graphic elements to be highlighted can remain glossy. Independent of the fact that varnishing is done in two phases, the procedure is not too costly. The matte UV varnish can be applied on the ready material almost immediately.

'Rough-effect' UV varnish

'Rough' refers to the bigger-size grains on the matte surface of the print. While hybrid ’fine’ effect varnish grains form an almost homogeneous surface, hybrid 'rough' effect coating grains are more distinct so they give a more 'raspy' feeling.

The print is made with UV ink, then we use the oil-based effect varnish (previously used with hybrid 'fine' effect) on the selected area of the page. We apply UV varnish on the whole surface and this mixes with the oil-based varnish and causes 'rough' grains on the matte surface. Areas not treated with the oil-based varnish remain glossy. The difference in the end product between the 'fine' and the 'rough' effect is defined by the thickness of the UV varnish layer.


The cold-foil technology opens new horizons in surfacetreatment. The procedure can be flexibly integrated into the printing process and is visually similar to hot-foil stamping but offers a lot more possibilities by getting onto the print together with the picture material, so it can be overprinted with several colour shades, or it creates a surface that can be varnished and has a metallic shine. One of the most important marketing strategy elementsthese days is a striking, different product that attracts attention.

Inline debossing

Inline debossing is a technology that creates structures on the surface of paper inline of printing. With this technology we can imitate similar structures as creative papers have. This is a cost efficient solution as only a special structuring plate has to be invested.

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SHIPPING methods

We provide different delivery options to best fit your logistic strategy.

Plastic display

We can package your displays flat for most economic transportation to your warehouse or logistics provider. Display parts can be either paletted in order for minimum volume, or wrapped in unit sets for assembled in store by your merchandising personnel.


Some displays can't be packaged flat or you may not want to bother with assmebly. Just leave it to us! We set up the displays professionally or even offer co-packing services by loading the displays with your product as you wish.

Metal display
Plastic display

Our delivery services include shipping to your warehouse, to your logistics provider for co-packing and distribution, or we can deliver and set up the displays directly in the stores you want.

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